Practical information

The place

In order to practice yoga in good conditions, the place needs to meet a couple of simple criterions:

The room needs to have access to natural light, and be able to be aired with a door or a window.

The room needs to be clean and tidy.

Practicing yoga in a calm environment makes it more pleasant, undisturbed by phone, television or other members of the household.

To make the atmosphere even nicer, I take a fresh flower and a candle with me. If you wish, I’ll also brew at my home some Indian Chai tea and take some with me to share with you.

Your body

It is recommended to practice yoga in comfortable clothes made out of natural textiles. The skin needs to breathe too. Clothes made from cotton, linen, silk or wool are perfect. Please don’t eat any heavy meal at least 3 hours before practicing yoga.

The props

If you don’t have a yoga mat, I’ll take one with me for you. You may cover it with a quilt, a towel of a blanket from wool or cotton. Remember to have a pair of warm socks around, and some arm clothes for the final relaxation. Prepare one or two cushions too, which will help you adjusting your sitting and lying postures.

The time

Practicing yoga is possible at any time of the day, as long as the body has finished digesting. The postures will be adapted to the time of the day. For example: we will prefer in the morning energetic and dynamic postures, and will in the evening accentuate the slowness and the silence to round off he day in peace and get prepared for the night. Of course, I’ll respect your expectations when possible and will adjust the lessons to your wishes and needs.