Terms and Conditions

1. Subscription and invoice

1.1 The valid prices are those mentionned on the most recent brochures and on the website.  

1.2 The payments occur in advance, either cash or via wire transfer. 

1.3 For any price change, the students will be informed on time.  

1.4 In case of impediment, the student will inform the teacher via sms under following number: +31 (0)6 342 40 756

1.5 A lessons-card has a validity of six months, except from the 24 lessons-card, which is valid for a year.  

2. Own risk and responsibility

2.1 The student practices yoha under his/her own responsability. Yoga works in respect of your own limits.  

2.2 Eacht student needs to inform the teacher of any physical or psychic problem, in order to adapt the lesson to it.   

Taking one of the classes means that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted.